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The DreadBay Shop!

DreadBay -Dreadlocks Shop & Salon in Sheffield

Custom-made dreadlocks in every colours!

Pictures  present only examples of dreadlocks, I will prepare dreadlocks special for YOU!


To buy please send me a message!

Dreadlocks for Temporary Extensions


END TO ATTACH:: double ending

ITEMS: 5 dreadlocks
LENGTH: about 24-26 inches

Handmade Crochet hook technique Dreadlocks



Double dreadlocks are actually one very long dreadlock which is divided into two. The dreadlock is folded and attached to your hair in a single point to create two dreadlocks.  


Crochet hook technique - the result of crochet hook is a synthetic dreadlock of the highest quality. The dreadlocks are handmade using only a crochet hook. A special technique of shaping and styling the synthetic hairs results in a very strong, durable and long-lasting dreadlock. They won't lose their colour and will look exactly like natural ones! :)


Synthetic dreadlocks are a great way to have natural looking dreadlocks without risking damage to your hair. The dreadlocks can be removed at any time with no negative effect. Synthetic dreadlocks are a great temporary addition to your appearance!

They are comfortable and when compared to natural dreadlocks they are very light and easy to maintain. Synthetic dreadlocks don't require washing but should you wish you can wash them exactly how you would wash your natural hair. The dreadlocks also dry very quickly after getting wet. Synthetic dreadlocks can last for many months, although generally they remain in good condition for around three months, after which time we recommend coming in for a quick fix :)


During my many years experience I have developed a unique technique to create natural looking, strong and long lasting dreadlocks.  


If you would like to try synthetic dreadlocks please send a message including as many details as possible about what you're looking for. This should include things like colour or colours, length, material and quantity.

If you prefer I can help you to choose an appropriate colour, in this case please attach a photo of your existing hair to your message. Don't worry too much about the photo being perfect quality, photos from your phone will be fine!

We view every client as an individual and take time to study all the intricacies of your requests so we will message you back to discuss the details of your dreadlocks and to confirm a price. If you have any questions or any of your own original ideas you'd like to share please don't hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you! :)


All info and details you can find on:

my website

on my FB page:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to write me a message! :)I have also YouTube Chanel


Because I will prepare dreadlocks special for you after consultations I don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations.
But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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