Prices of services:

DreadBay -Dreadlocks Shop & Salon in Sheffield

The price of every new project is always determined individually. All prices are a starting point and are based on work being done on a whole head. In this section shall be given only price range, contact me for details. To find out more about the methods and requirements please visit sections

"What I do" and "Before Dreadlocks"

Dreads - all over the head

Crusts/Mohawk - dreads in the back/top of the head

Dreadlocks - from your own hair  

 150 - 650£

Crusts - from your own hair 

75 -275£

Dreadlocks - with the extension      

synthetic locks

400 - 1300£

Crusts - with the extension       

synthetic locks

150 -550£

Dreadlocks - With the extension    

natural hair

600 -1500£

Crusts - attachment only  

100 -150£

Dreadlocks - attachment only 

150 - 500£


From own hair 


Dreads with temporary extensions

Extensions - from your dreadlocks


Extensions - from my dreadlocks  -

Please send me a message

Other treatments



Shortening of dreadlocks


Single dread

Compaction of dreadlocks 

From own hair 

With the extension






Guaranteed price reductions and discounts:

Guaranteed price reductions!

Come again!

Are you coming once again for some beautiful dreads? If you've before visited me, each next repairing if come to me next three moths will be about 5% cheaper. "Come back soon" - now it sounds a little bit better. ;)

You want to go wild?

Experiment is what I like the most! I can do with dreadlocks anything you desire!
And I take care about lower costs for you. These unique and the bravest projects will receive a discount: even 50%

Recommend us to your friends!

For each new customer who will come to me with your request you will receive discount of 5%. The more people - the bigger discount!

You don't have the whole sum?

Don't worry, please contact me - we will try to find a solution.

My goal 

Choosing my project on Dreadbay, you support the initiative of the purchase an ocean yacht Alubat OVNI 365. Each supporter is invited to the lunch party organized for when I first set sail :)

DreadBay Yacht

Alubat ovni 365 - is 37 ft of beauty