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Choose natural dreadlocks!

DreadBay -Dreadlocks Shop & Salon in Sheffield

Choose natural dreadlocks!

Natural dreadlocks - what does it mean?

All the dreadlocks in DreadBay are made in a natural
way. What does it mean? Why should you choose natural
method over wax? Read further to get the answer!

First of all regardless whether it's your hair or
dreadlocks extensions, all I use is crochet hook metoth. I stay
away from chemicals including wax or any other gluey
stuff which makes your hair sticky.

Dreadlocks made with wax?

Dreads which are made with wax substances are nothing
else but chunk of glued hair. This kind of dreads are
difficult to maintain. Every single wash will lead tohuge mess on your head as glue will be sluiced out.
To upkeep your hairstyle you will be forced to use styling
chemical products. Taking into consideration that it's
raining a lot in England, just imagine that sticky,unpleasant
wax flowing down from the tops of your dreads on your face...

Dreadlocks are something more than just a regular haircut.
In most cases if you choose dreads, you want them for years.
Applying lots of chemical, styling products on your hair might have
devastating effect, which is something you definitely want to avoid!

Many hair salons use wax to fix dreadlocks - I wouldn't recommend that
due to the reasons I have mentioned above.

Let's talk about natural dreadlocks made by DreadBay now.

As I have mentioned before., all my dreadlocks are made with crochets
no matter what. Notwithstanding whether it's dreadlocks with your own
hair, extensions (which I do individually for every single customer on
purpose) or attaching extensions to your hair. All I use is always a crochet hooks and my skills!

What are benefits of natural dreadlocks?

Essentially pure, high-quality and enduring hairstyle.
Dreads made with crochet are much more durable as it's simply
hair attached together in a perfect way. No chemicals are used
to make them, so you don't have to use any styling products (There are plenty
of styling products but personally I don't recommend using them).


Shampooing natural dreadlocks is simple and not demanding by contrast to "chemical dreadlocks". Natural dreads will make you feel comfortable with your hairstyle as they practically don't require any effort at all to look great!

Choosing DreadBay you get a guarantee of high quality and professional service.
I make dreads with passion for years.I put a lot of effort in my work and
I pay attention to every detail.


In case you got yourself "chemical dreadlocks", don't worry - visit DreadBay,
we'll turn them into beautiful, natural dreads.

Don't hesitate, make an appointment! May the natural dreadlocks be with you!

To see more pictures of my work please visit my gallery:

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