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If you'd like to discuss your hair in detail, you are welcome to book an in-person consultation with me. It is best to come to the studio for a consultation especially if you're considering extensions, so I can explain every possible option you have and find the best solution for you and colour-match hair that suits best the look you're going for, etc.
In case you are a new client and want to book an in-person consultation always e-mail me pics and information on your hair lenght and fullness, as well as details on the type of dreads you are after, i.e. full/ partial/ extensions, preferable lenght and thickness.
A consultation fee is 10£.


Dreadlocks / Dreads

I do dreadlocks by using different kinds of crochets hooks from 0.40 mm up to 0.70 mm depending on the hair type and which phase of the dreads it is. This is the most natural, cleanest and the best way, I do not use threads, wax, glue, etc.. It is also a bit painful, but then we have many years to enjoy the brilliant haircut. Such pain is worth it!

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Mohawk / Crust

In the same way as dreadlocks all over the head,  in this project I use the crochets. The difference is making crusts takes much less time than dreadlocks all over the full head.

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Dreads with permanent extension

Dreadlocks are sewn by the unique technique using nothing but hair. The place of connection is practically invisible or at least in minimal degree, I do not use thread, bands, glue, etc. There are two ways to install dreadlocks extensions I can prepare extensions with you in my salon at your appointment or you can after consultation purchase already made dreadlocks extensions from my shop and I can simply attach those at your appointment to save time.

You can bring your own hair/dreads which I can use as well.

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Dreadlocks  with temporary extensions

We can either prepare them for you before your visit - using artificial hair, or you can bring your own dreadlocks with you and we can use them to create your extensions.

There are two types of temporary dreadlocks: single and double:

Single dreadlocks: In the end of every single dread there is a ring, this is used to attach them to your hair

Double dreadlocks: Double dreadlocks are actually one very long dread which is divided into two. The deadlock is folded and attached to your hair at a single point to create two dreadlocks.

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What about repairing, the matter is simple. Dreadlocks are very flexible, I can fix dreads that seems just to be cut.

Here, as in the case of making dreadlocks from beginning to the end, I just use crochet hooks. I can repair all kinds of problems: locks in general disorder (eg. adhesions ), strands of hair, abrasions (flaking off dreadlocks),smashed ends protruding, roots at the head.

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Extending Hair With Dreadlocks

There are two options you can choose:
Permanent Extension - I make on your head short 2-3 inch dreadlocks from which I let out long hair, even 30 inch long! It is a permanent hair extension but if you wish I can change it into 'normal' permanent dreadlocks extensions. I do not use thread, bands, glue, etc! You can see example of these extensions on the pictures
Temporary Extension - I tie to your hair short dreadlocks (made by me) from which I let out long hair streaks. The process of attaching is similar to the temporary dreadlocks extensions, the only difference is that the dreadlocks are just 2-3 inch long and the hair can be even 30 inch long

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Any thickness, length, quantity and color available.

Thickness — you may choose any volume you want, starting from thin plaits up to thick resembling dreads braids.

Length — any length is possible as well! Worried if your hair isn't long enough?
No problem! We might attach extensions to suit your expectations!


Quantity — you may choose as many braids as you want. Amount of braids is strongly related to thickness. If you are uncertain about your choice, no worries — I'mat your service!

Color — if you want braids only with your natural hair, they obviously are going to be the same color, but when it comes to extending, you may choose between all the colors of the rainbow!

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Experiment is what I like the most! 

I can do with dreadlocks anything you desire!
And I take care about lower costs for you. These unique and the bravest projects will receive a discount: even 50%.

You don’t know what kind of dreadlocks would be suited for you? Don’t worry! We’ll help in the selection of the appropriate dreads.

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Single dread

You can also have single dreads. I can decorate your head using natural and of synthetic hair. The cost of such dread depends on the length, also on whether the hair is mine or of the client.

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Dreadlocks decorations

I can decorate your dreadlocks using special strands - many different patterns and colors available - choose whatever you want!

In my salon you can also buy:

-Wooden and metal beats in many different shapes, sizes and patterns
-Aluminium Braid Rings in many different colors, shapes and sizes
- Headbands and big hairbands for your dreadlocks

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