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DreadBay -Dreadlocks Shop & Salon in Sheffield

Due to current circumstances DreadBay is applying few new rules, which are supposed to ensure that you and your families, as well as me and my closest ones, are all protect against the spread of Covid-19 virus. Even though my salon can be officially open right now, both me and you must still follow security measures.


Following that, YOU MUST:

- wash and dry your hair the day before our appointment to make sure it's fresh and clean. Please, pay attention to dry your hair completely before the appointment, as I won't be able to make dreadlocks from wet hair.

- wear a face mask during your appointment at DreadBay (if you have your own mask, please bring it, if not I'll provide you with one),

- use a hand sanitizer, which will be provided by me, whenever you feel the need to or whenever you're touching your phone or any other private belonging, which you brought with you.

- be on time for your appointment. If you are late we may not have time to get all the work done and you will need to book a second appointment to get the work finished. You will still need to pay for the full amount of time you booked.  If you are going to be late then you must let me know ASAP. Depending on the length of the appointment and how late you are going to be you may need to reschedule and pay a new deposit,

If you have any symptoms, such as cough, fever, shortness or breath, please DO NOT come, just send me a message earlier, stay home for at least 14 days until you'll feel better and then re-book your appointment.

If you start to feel unwell at any time during our appointment please let me know. The appointment will need to finish immediately and you will need to leave. I will contact you to reschedule the rest of your appointment for a later date. 

Please note that I work at my private house and all appointments should be booked in advance since I do not provide walk-in services.


Stay safe!

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